Monday, June 20, 2011

International Summer-Tour in July

We started the month of July worldwide solidarity actions named "A face for human rights in Iran".
We will talk to passers-by in the streets of our respective cities about the nature of the regime and the human rights situation in Iran and will ask them for a picture of their face holding the sign "A face for human rights in Iran".

Each 99 pictures of passers-by and some available pictures of political prisoners in Iran of... different denominations will be put on a poster with the logos of the different organisations of activists participating in the action and finally published on different sites  in the internet (including facebook).

This action is another sign of solidarity for the population of Iran. We will show to the people in Iran that there are many who take interest in the fate of the Iranian population. It is a strong signal towards the regime in Iran that their unjustified arrestations, their sexual abuse of prisoners and their killings will not happen without strong objection and constant protest. Thus we will continue to put pressure on the regime.

We call upon all activists throughout the world to choose one of Julys days and take to the streets with their cameras. Check out for more informations:,,

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